Naruto 635 Spoiler – Naruto 635 Tsunade

I don’t Naruto 635 understand how people take one situation and apply it to everything else. Losing to Super Madara doesn’t mean old new. It means Super Madara all kages. If old new were the case, why would all of the previous kage ETs not still fighting? Its not about against whom they were beaten, but its all about what they displayed. Tsuchikage showed great offence, presence of mind and variety of Jutsus.

naruto 635 manga
naruto 635 manga

So Did Gaara, when it came to Mizukage she was slow in reacting and wasn’t good in offence as we thought she would be. As for Tsunade is concerned i did say she is imporant but because of her senju lineage, RaiKage was all speed and Power + TaiJutsu (In Which by the way his old man was better then him). So only two Kages who shine in the giht were Tsuchikage and Kazekage (Though they were beaten too) And in the end Tsunade. So it has nothing to do with losing against madara but its about what the showcased.

We really only saw Mizukage against Madara. Plus we know what she’s capable of. We don’t know if Raikage’s father was better or not. They didn’t even fight each other. THat’s just an assumption because he was made out to be a tank. That’s no different than the current Raikage. I’m sure they each ahd their own strnegths. Oonoki and Gaara were defeated because they fought Super Madara.

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