Bleach 542 Spoiler – Bleach 542 Uryuu

I also addressed Bleach 542 the bankai thing in one of my earlier posts… And most of these other things you said i haven’t addressed. Going off the other part of my theory that tensa zan hollow and that hollowfied tensa = complete zan, it could be that OMZangetsu couldn’t suppress the Shinigami powers enough to hide the spirit from Ichigo when he is in bankai, but OMZangetsu wouldn’t want this third spirit to turn up if he could help it.

bleach 542 manga
bleach 542 manga

Since the hollow was originally part of the zan spirit until the shattered shaft, OMZangetsu used him as a teaching aide for Ichigo since there was already an explanation out there for him having this third spirit show up would be difficult to explain. Or OMZangetsu let him out knowing that ichigo would stop being a shinigami, possibly. And the “this form” could refer to the fact that he and the hollow are one and the same, or it could be a bad translation.

I looked at the pages you sent over on mangapanda before. did you ever look at the links i had put up? cuz aside from a slight resemblance – they seem nothing alike. Hell tensa seems better with a sword than OMZangetsu ever did, he seems more like the hollow in the weilding of ichi’s zan. And another thing: asauchi that have not been forged are not necessarily the zan spirit are they? And if that asauchi is truly whitie, where in the world is his black mask? hence I believe that the asauchi form we saw is incomplete in some way.

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