Read Naruto 635 Chapter Raw – Sakura Haruno

The guy’s got a one track mind. Naruto 635 Focused on Itachi, focused on destroying Konoha, now he’ll be focused on being the Hokage. And each time he didn’t care what or who he harmed in the process (including himself!) as long as he was able to achieve his goals. He left the village, put his teammates in harms way

naruto 635 manga
naruto 635 manga

Almost killed his best friend, tried to kill his mentor, killed Danzou, tried to take out his teacher.. Sasuke doesn’t care about anything other than his goals at the moment and what he believes he has to do & has proven it. He doesn’t expect a free pass, but he’s dangerous. Which is why.

I LOVE what Kishimoto did in this chapter with Juugo, and Sai. Sai, being his ‘replacement’ on the team, never trusted him. Even before he totally flew off the rails. Sai’s asking the questions… and thanks to the Hashirama/Madara arc, I can imagine Sasuke as a type of leader like Madara, that despite the many losses, keeps putting his clan (people) in danger due to his one track mind and goal… doing what he thinks has to be done, not considering the immediate consequences (let alone future) that’s Sasuke.

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