One Piece 712 | One Piece 712 Raw Sanji

In that case, One Piece 712 I don’t really understand the presence of CP-0. I thought they would be the ones helping Doflamingo in the shadows while Fujitora would be chasing all of the sides. But if CP-0 are the only ones helping Joker, and Fujitora is (also) going to attack Doflamingo, I do not see what really is the matter here.

one piece 712 manga
one piece 712 manga

I can’t see how Doflamingo didn’t quit being a shishibukai, how the marines wants to capture Law, the shishibukai who gave the marines the information about DD being Joker who is doing experiments of weapon of mass distraction with the help of a wanted man worth 300 millions on a kidnapped children and helping a yonkou getting much stronger with the smiles, how can they forget all that and work with him to get Law (who still a shishibukai) and all what he did is making an alliance with the strawhats, I cant find it logical.

2nd point, if his resignation was on the newspaper, and even if its fake, why everyone was calm in dressrosa, its not like they told everyone there that this information is fake, i cant find any explanation to this, the only thing is that the marines are there to capture DD and the strawhats with the help of Law who outsmarted DD once again and he is trying to take DD’s status with the WG.

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