Naruto 635 | Naruto 635 Raw Akino

Honestly speaking when Naruto 635 i first read that seal thing i thought they were going to do the same double transformatio nthing what Naruto and Bunta did against Shukaku, but now you mentioned it he didnt used anything like that, also his Rasenshiruken didn’t explode but still it increased the dia of the fire otherwise it would have burnt only the spot where it hit, so wind of Rasen Shiruken did help the Amaterasu.

naruto 635 manga
naruto 635 manga

The question now becomes: if Sasuke backstabs everyone and was just pretending to be nice, how long until excuses are made for him? That same day, or will a couple of posters here need a conference call with each other first to discuss the best way to spin the situation? But the arrow has eaten up all the wind to increase it’s size, the middle of a body seems to be ideal place for the fire to spread Imo. Better than to explode and have a chance of hitting random shinobi.

There is a reason for that inner monologue with “wind being the only thing to strengthen fire”. But it still seem a little weird to me, because all I can remember of the Rasenshuriken is that it has this big explosion when it hit something. And this time it didn’t. Yeah, it should be that the fire ate up the Rasenshuriken, hence no explosion.

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